Patrick Huven

Producer | Songwriter | Composer

Patrick Huven is a German musician, songwriter and composer whose versatility puts him in the mix between contemporary music and his love for 1980 artists like The Cure and film composers like John Carpenter, Vangelis and Akira Yamaoka. 
Film and music. Two worlds collide, break into pieces and merge into a new cosmos. They become one: one universe.
Film composer Patrick Huven lives and breathes each of these worlds with every fiber of his being. The studio is his natural habitat, a comfortable environment in which he can express himself and create noises and melodies, far away from the outside world.

Can you imagine a breathtaking chase without its score?
Or a passionate moment of love?
What does Paris sound like? The future? Like pure terror or maybe like paradise?
Every movie is something special, every scene unique and the score elevates the piece to the next level of perception.
It creates a new layer, a connection to the audience, rooted to a place or time, firing up emotions and linking images with priceless memories.

“To me, the combination of visual and sonic experiences is the strongest way of telling a story. This is all that it is about to me - to help a director tell his story and make the viewer feel what an actor/protagonist feels in a certain scene. All I want is someone to say after a movie “That was such an amazing movie, I have to watch it again”

Maybe the music embodies an opposing force, bellowing into your face.
Maybe it resonates quietly, leading the recipient, takes their hand, dances with them in close embrace and makes you emotional.
Patrick Huven senses if a scene is missing a vital piece of the puzzle.
He lives his work and every project is the most important job in the world. His cosmos. His universe.

“When I start working on a score, I first have several intensive talks with the director of the movie. Everything that is important to me now is to understand his vision. If I manage it, only then I can be sure to write music that supports his story."

Do you know how your movie is supposed to sound? How your audience should feel?
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"Blue Diamond"

This showreel starring Stephanie Terrero and Lucas Hogan was such a joy to write music for.

"Timing (Showreel)"

This new reel for what i did the music for is really special and not only because I finally got to work again with my good friend Lucas Hogan.

"Mommy (First Teaser)"

My friend Aleg Ross and I have written some additional music for MOMMY.

"Hush - Ghost Motel"

"The Pulse Within Us (Teaser/Trailer)"


For composing and production I use Logic Pro X, for the dynamic integration of music into pictures and a wide range of State of the Art virtual instruments by Spitfire Audio East West & Quantum Leap, 8Dio, Soundiron, Native Instruments, XLN Audio, Strezov, Output, Arturia and many more hardware synths and instruments.
I am looking forward to your project requests!


Patrick Huven

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